No sulphate. No parabens. No synthetic fragrance.

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Haircare without the plastic waste.

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Our Promise

We are proud to say that we only provide products we feel safe using on our own children. Our company goal and passion is to provide you quality products with ingredients that you can understand. We won’t fear monger you into thinking our products are “chemical-free” because they aren’t. Nothing is “chemical-free”. Everything is made up of chemicals. The term “chemical free” is simply a marketing play. What we will tell you is that we have poured our heart and soul into research about what is safe and what is not. We also won’t sell you our products are “non-toxic” because this term is very subjective. Anything can be toxic in the wrong quantities. We advocate for safe and proper use & we are constantly expanding our knowledge. Rest assured we won’t tell you anything that hasn’t been tested on ourselves first! What you’ll never see from us? Your safety being compromised for our bottom dollar.

As seen in

I was skeptical that my long, thick hair would use the bar up quickly but I got many more washes than I expected out of it. My hair felt light and clean and persistent flakiness I'd been dealing on my scalp went away. My shampoo bar finally got used up and I had to use conventional scalp therapy shampoo for two washes and those flakes were back.

Amanda A

I have hard water and if I'm being honest, was a skeptic of the shampoo bar. With most shampoos I rinse and when my hair dries if feels like straw. It's a constant battle of over loading my hair with conditioner and it being too heavy. I picked up a shampoo bar and have washed my hair ONCE and the difference was immediate!!

Marissa H