Alicia is an entrepreneur and an advocate, but most importantly she is a mother. Like so many of us, she entrusted industry professionals to lead with truth and transparency, but diligent research led her to the unsettling reality of products and their contents, so she decided to take matters into her own hands. In an industry fraught with unnecessary waste and chemical-laden solutions to health and wellness, Upfront Cosmetics provides confidence that parents can count on. Dishonest distractions for the benefit of commerce can cause harm to people and our planet, and for Alicia these diversions were all the motivation she needed to be the change she so desperately sought as a new mother. From her conscience to practical, safe and effective science, Upfront Cosmetics is authentic self-care that is worth the investment – for you, your family, and our planet.


“With the arrival of my son, I felt frustrated by the lack of transparency in the cosmetic industry. Stifled for a suitable option for diaper cream, I began to understand all of the misleading marketing and chemical-laden product assortments to be an opportunity for creating meaningful, healthy alternatives. Upfront Cosmetics was motivated for my desire for exactly that: quality products with ingredients you can understand.”