All About 1% For The Planet

With the growing concerns of climate change and plastic pollution, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t think we should be doing something to ensure there is clean air and water remaining for future generations. It is times like these when, being just one person or a small business, it feels almost impossible to enact real change on our own. In the current marketplace, it’s becoming exceedingly important for businesses and corporations to take the lead when it comes to supporting the environment and initiatives that seek to protect it.

Enter 1% For The Planet. Founded in 2002, 1% For The Planet is an international organization that believes because companies profit from the resources they take from the Earth, they should also protect those resources. The organization itself was created by the founders of Patagonia (outdoor apparel) and Blue Ribbon Flies (fishing gear and expeditions) - companies that already encourage appreciation and care for the Earth and all it has to offer.

In joining the 1% For The Planet network, business members commit to donating the equivalent of 1% of gross sales directly to environmental nonprofit organizations. This can be achieved in a variety of configurations, including monetary donations (minimum 50% of commitment), employee volunteer time, product or service donations, or approved promotional support. Business partners can choose to commit their 1% from the whole company, a brand within the company, or even a specific product line. 1% For The Planet even offers partnership advising to help pair business members with environmental nonprofits that match their values and will complement their brand, making the biggest impact possible.

And that impact has been big. To date, 1% For The Planet business members have invested over $250 million into environmental nonprofit partners supporting the causes of food, climate, land, water, wildlife, and pollution.

Committing to the program isn’t without its perks for the business member, either. Membership gives the peace of mind of knowing that you’re actually doing something beneficial for the planet and identifies businesses as leaders in environmental philanthropy. Consumers say affiliation with 1% For The Planet positively influences purchasing decisions. Whether a company’s core focus is

directly involved with environmental impact or not, customers can trust that a company involved with 1% For The Planet still has the environment in mind. 


Business members involved with 1% For The Planet range in size and focus, from Maine Beer Company (a heavily involved craft brewery who knew they wanted to help the planet from inception) to UpFront Cosmetics (a Canadian based company producing plastic-free, cruelty-free shampoo and conditioner bars that are available across North America). Companies in their business directory range from legal to cosmetics to real estate, making one thing clear: no one is immune to the urgency of the climate change crisis.


1% For The Planet doesn’t just stop with business members, though -- they make giving back to the planet easy for the individual, as well. Individuals can pledge 1% of their annual salary, which can also be fulfilled up to 100% with volunteer hours working with an approved nonprofit partner of your choice.


With so many options and configurations for giving available, 1% For The Planet is truly simplifying and encouraging engagement where it matters most.


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