Why the Ingredients Matter: A Five-Part Series

One of our primary goals is to always be clear and upfront about the ingredients we use. We clearly label our bars with the INCI names for each ingredient. It’s great to have that information, but what good is having it if you can’t even understand what you’re looking at? Just what exactly are those ingredients, and what purpose do they serve? What makes us choose the ingredients we do? There’s a lot of chemistry involved in formulating our products, and it’s time to get into the science of it all. Our formulas can basically be broken into 5 categories:

  • Surfactants
  • Conditioning agents 
  • Additives
  • Essential Oils  
  • Preservatives 
So what do those mean? To be honest, even I wasn’t entirely sure at first. If you’re like me, and chemistry simply isn't your strong suit, you’re not alone. Even as the person responsible for producing the bars, I had a very limited understanding of the hard science behind the formulas. It can be daunting to parse through all that info, so we’ll be breaking it into 5 parts. Join me while I muddle through trying to make things a little bit clearer, in our five-part series Why the Ingredients Matter every Thursday!

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