Why We Don't Sell Through Amazon

“Upfront, why can’t I find your products on Amazon?”

A big part of Upfront Cosmetics and our philosophy is to minimize plastic waste. There is zero plastic used for our products and their packaging, as well as our shipping materials. Everything is recyclable, compostable or biodegradable! 

Amazon is known to use excessive packaging for their products and their shipping materials. In this article by Mic, they discuss Oceana’s recent report revealing how much plastic waste Amazon really produces. In 2019, Amazon produced 465 million tons of plastic waste, 22 million of which ended up in the oceans. This is extremely concerning.

The number of plastic waste produced by Amazon in 2020 will be even more concerning, considering many people had to rely on Amazon due to the pandemic. If you can, we recommend finding alternatives to Amazon to buy your essentials. There are lots of eco-friendly, Canadian companies that you can shop online! Some of our faves are:

Everything said and done, you won’t find our products on Amazon! But, you can shop our products on our website or from any of our amazing retailers.

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