Will Upfront Bars Lather With Hard Water?

Did you know that the type of water your home has can make a difference to your hair and skin? You’ve probably heard people talk about hard water vs. soft water, but what’s the difference? 

Hard water has a high mineral content, most commonly calcium and magnesium. While this water is safe for drinking and showering, it can dry out your hair and skin from mineral buildup.

Soft water has de-ionized sodium, either naturally or through your municipal water treatment facility. Unlike hard water, soft water is great for your hair and skin. But, soft water could make your hair feel more weighed down and greasy.

Most of the time, you can’t even tell what type of water your municipality has, but a quick Google search could fix that! The type of water you have may not even make a huge difference to your beauty routine. 

One of the questions we get a lot is if our bars will lather in hard water. The short answer is yes - our bars will lather in both hard and soft water! The reason for this is because of the plant-based surfactants used in our bars formulations. This blog post goes into more detail about sulfates and the alternatives that we use!

With everything said and done, our bars will work no matter what type of water you have in your home. If you do want to switch to soft water in your shower, there are some really cool options for shower heads that have a filter! Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference and what works for you.

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